【PJ 4星级Crystal Croxx酒店竟然只限穆斯林可以用电梯!?】华人印度人统统都要爬楼梯吧╭(﹊∩∩﹊)╮几十层高,实在是太过分了!





這家四星級大酒店就是位於八打靈jalan Barat路的Crystal Crown Hotel





Those carrying non-halal goods banished to staircase

Sign in hotel at loading bay of basement car park also reminds those thinking of flouting the rule that they are under CCTV surveillance.

PETALING JAYA: A well-known hotel in Petaling Jaya has posted a sign at the loading bay of its basement car park instructing those transporting non-halal goods to refrain from using the elevator and to use only the staircase instead.

A photograph of the sign, taken at the B1 car park loading bay of the hotel was posted on the Facebook page of Sri Sanjeevan Ramakrishnan, the chairman of the Malaysian Crime Watch Task Force, also known as MyWatch.

「Must have the strength and stamina to use the staircase. What a tough job,」 Sanjeevan wrote, when commenting on the sign that read: 「This elevator is only for transporting halal goods only. For non-halal goods, please use the staircase.」 

The instructions were explicit and even contained a thinly-veiled threat to those who might consider flouting the rules by reminding them that they were being watched. 「This elevator is under CCTV surveillance,」 the sign also read.

「Do you agree with this?」 Sanjeevan asked his Facebook followers, a question that many answered in the negative, with some even suggesting the hotel be boycotted while many others simply wrote the ruling was 「Nonsense.」

Sounding outraged, Jim Tong wrote: 「This is pure discrimination」 while Jay Selva retorted with: 「How about halal planet…?」

Aby Othman meanwhile tried to offer some justification for the hotel’s strict halal rules but maintained all the same it was 「cruel」 that some were being made to used the stairs and said a better solution ought to have been provided by the hotel management.

「I think the elevator is for loading /unloading. Normally in supermarkets we have two different sections for halal n non halal. Though by asking the non halal to used staircase is so cruel. They should provide better solutions on transporting the non halal, instead of lepas tangan n asked them to use staircase. Will it make a difference. Ada juga muslim guna tangga?!.. i juz dont get it. whats the point this hotel try to deliver,」 Aby said.