◤Domexxx随便诬赖客人是小偷?◢ 店员坚决不肯道歉! 还骂顾客母亲是BODOH… 网友: Boycott 它啦!




2017年5月9日, 我和家人到Sunway Velocity 逛街,我们到Domesky买了点东西后就去吃晚餐。过后我们又回到Domesky去买另一样东西,但当我们要离开时,Domesky的2名员工跟着我们,还叫保安来了。


然后我们被带到购物中心另一端的meeting room。告诉你们,我的母亲是行动不变的。警察带2名店员回店里查看cctv。在20分钟后,警察独自回来并告诉我们可以离开了,事情已经搞清楚了。但那2名店员诬告了我们,一句道歉都没有,他们浪费了我们的时间,还要让行动不变的母亲奔波。我们重新回到那间店,要求该店的Manager道歉,但他们无视我们。他的员工还骂我妈妈BODOH,这是我们不能接受的!


May 9, 2017, I was shopping with my family at Sunway Velocity, we came to Domesky to buy somethings and we left for dinner. We decided to go back Domesky to buy another thing but when we left the store, two employees from Domesky started to follow us and called the cops on us.

The mall cop caught us infront of Vincci and the two employees made a commotion accusing us of stealing things which we never did. Fine. So the mall cop took us to a Control room and questioned us there when a real police arrived.

After that we were taken to a meeting room ON THE OTHER SIDE of the mall and to let you know, my mother has trouble walking. The police took the two employees to the store ro check the cctvs again. After about 20mins the police returned WITHOUT the employees and told us to leave and that everything is cleared but the employees didn’t came and apologise for defamation, wasting our time and making my mother walk when she has a difficult time with walking. So we returned to the store and demanded for an apology but the Manager just ignored our demand while the employees starting calling my mother BODOH which is completely unacceptable.

You made a huge mistake? Fine.
You suspect us of stealing something? Fine.
You defamed us in public? Apologise at least.
But insulting my mother when we are clearly innocent?
The police already checked the footage and our body but nothing was found and you still want to INSULT MY MOTHER??

Where has the respect gone? We are your paying customers yet you have the nerve to insult us even though it is all cleared?


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